PIRC – Mississippi Parent Information & Resource Center



What is MS PIRC?

Mississippi PIRC (Mississippi Parent Information and Resource Center) is a statewide parental information and resource center funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide information about school choice, school report cards, school activities, school issues, and educational resources through web-based information.

What services does Mississippi PIRC offer?

  • Mississippi PIRC has a lending library that allows parents who are their children’s “first teachers” to check out resources to use at home with their children.
  • PIRC offers parents a wealth of free information to help their children succeed in school.
  • Mississippi PIRC helps educate parents regarding the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).
  • Mississippi PIRC conducts parent training classes on an ongoing basis.
  • Mississippi PIRC provides technical assistance to parent liaisons and parent coordinators of Mississippi school districts as well as local nonprofit and educational agencies to help them implement successful and effective parent involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to student achievement.

Services Provided

Community Students Learning Center’s MS PIRC provides:

  • parent training classes on a regular basis,
  • parent workshops,
  • state-wide parent conferences,
  • a lending library that allows parents to check out resources to use at home with their children,
  • technical assistance to parent liaisons and coordinators in Mississippi schools, and
  • opportunities for parents to work with their children after school and during the summer.

Population Served

The Community Students Learning Center received the PIRC grant in October 2006. Since that time, the center has served:

7,203 parents through direct services, such as:

  • Parent training
  • Leadership development
  • Workshops
  • State-wide conferences

49,684 parents through indirect services, and

74,251 people through web-based education.

We have also distributed over 76,920 pieces of resource material, such as books, brochures, newspapers, and newsletters.