Our Mission for the Community Students Learning Center is to promote community and educational change, by providing state-of-the-art leadership development, and personal improvement opportunities for youth, adults, and seniors.

CSLC is helping people through information, education and support.

He was young, energetic, and full of life and laughter. He bellowed the latest tunes and told the funniest jokes at the drop of a hat. He only had one quest in life, and it was to learn how to read.

He loved newspapers and magazines but was only able to look at the pictures. This frustrated him. He had been a special education student in the local district, and by the time he was promoted to the ninth grade, he still could not read. His name was Kenneth “Undre” Cooper.

His guardian came to the Community Students Learning Center searching for help. She wanted to enroll him into the after-school program but could not afford the fees. After meeting Kenneth and experiencing his bubbling personality and his passion to learn to read, one of the Community Students Learning Center’s employees decided to sponsor him so that he could become a part of the program.

Kenneth’s hunger for reading motivated everyone to help him. Not only did the after-school program instructors work with him, but other employees took time out of their schedules to volunteer to help Kenneth learn how to read.

After a year or so, Kenneth had learned how to read and shared this news with everyone with whom he came in contact. He was so excited and his words to CSLC Executive Director, Beulah Greer, were: “I am going to read EVERYTHING!”

Sadly, Kenneth died as a result of a tragic accident which caused trauma to his brain, but his memory lives on in the hearts of the employees and students of the Community Students Learning Center. He indeed fulfilled his one quest in life-he learned how to read!


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  • State-of-the-art Computer Technology Training/Lab
  • Grant and Proposal Writing
  • Job Training Programs


  • Benefits of NCLB for You and Your Children
  • Accountability
  • Public School Choice
  • Supplemental Educational Services


  • Abuse Is NEVER Deserved
  • Break The Cycle
  • National Domestic Violence HOTLINE
  • Victims Of Crime


  • Equipment To The Children In Holmes County
  • Physical Fitnessactivity That Are needed In The Lives Of Children
  • Implement Physicalactivity In Their Daily Lives


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